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So Damn Screwed

We're so screwed.

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All Members
Scenario: The game begins with an alternate ending to Season 4. Instead of accepting Wolfram & Hart's offer, Angel has declined and decided to do things his own way. Angel Investigations is still in-tact and operating out of the Hyperion Hotel, though they're hurting for business -- badly. Things are still in a state of disarray as Los Angeles struggles to recover from the Jasmine incident.

Meanwhile, Sunnydale has been destroyed, imploding during the final battle with the First Evil. While this is good for humanity overall, it causes a few problems for the Scooby Gang, the members of which are now looking for a new mission statement.

Members are encouraged to watch and use screwed_ooc.

Best Post-Season 4 Game -- Third Place

We won third place for Best Post-Season 4 Angel game at rpg_champions!

Angel Investigations
Angel -- vampire_angel
Cordelia Chase -- xxcordeliaxx
Fred Burkle -- fredburkle
Charles Gunn -- got_the_mission
Lorne -- green_mojo_guy
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce -- OPEN
Connor -- PENDING

Scooby Gang
Buffy Summers -- superhero_grrl
Dawn Summers -- anewdawn
(no other Scoobies will be accepted)

Faith -- _xfaithx_
Alex McKiernan -- protectorofnone
Gwen Raiden -- elektra_complex

Spike -- railroadspike
Harmony -- pure_harmony
Drusilla -- pureandtrue

Lindsey McDonald -- lindsey_
Lilah Morgan -- femme_fatale_wh

Eve -- eveofthedamned

Moderated by green_mojo_guy and superhero_grrl.