Charles Gunn (got_the_mission) wrote in sodamnscrewed,
Charles Gunn

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Welcome to our humble abode.

With Faith in tow, Gunn came up behind Gwen, who was standing in the doorway to the lobby. Quirking a brow, he cast a glance in Faith's direction over his shoulder and quickened his pace. "Gwen?" he hailed her, though he could only see the back of her head. It was unmistakably her. "What are you doin' here? I thought you left town."

He was tired, his limbs beginning to grow stiff and sore from a long night of demon-hunting and vamp-dusting, not to mention his stomach was raging after not having eaten since lunchtime. On top of that, he had to get Faith settled with a room. He had a gut feeling that Gwen was going to end up staying with them as well. The more the merrier, really, but he wasn't exactly sure how glad Angel would be to see the super-charged thief.
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