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Clouds in my coffee.

Alex had propped her feet up on the seat opposite her, slouched down in the corner of her booth as she idly picked at what little was left of her dinner. It wasn't the best diner in town, but it was affordable. She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, pushing her dark locks away from her face. The last few days had been rough. The worst part was that she couldn't remember exactly why they had been so trying. All she knew was that she was both physically and mentally exhausted, and she had woken up that morning wearing the clothes she had worn the day before. Moreover, the aformentioned clothes had been covered in blood. Upon futher investigation, she'd found an odd piece of what she could only assume was jewelry on her nightstand, alongside a human ear.


This was just getting way out of hand. She sighed again, dumping two creamers into the fresh cup of coffee the waitress had brought her a few minutes before. "I have to go see Lorne," she decided under her breath. It was a last-ditch effort. She hadn't heard from him since the day he'd called her and told her not to come into work because the club had been burned down the night before.

"No," she said quickly, tossing the empty creamers aside, "You can't go see Lorne." She frowned, pushing her plate away and pulling her coffee mug closer. "What? I can. I will. Do you really think he'd bother to help you? Of course he will. Why would you think such a thing? Why not? Lorne's all about helping people. No, he's all about helping paying customers, something you are not." She froze as she noticed another patron sitting nearby and staring at her, looking both perplexed and disturbed. "Hey. What are you looking at?"
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