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Kick back, relax.

Lorne sighed as he turned to the next page of the paper, frowning deeply as he found himself looking at the obituaries. The obituaries now took up more than three pages on their own. While Jasmine's presence had been accompanied by a lower death toll, the local nasties seemed to be making up for lost time. He clucked his tongue and shook his head before skipping ahead a few pages. "Shame," he said to himself, leaning against the front desk in the lobby. He reached for his glass, taking a long sip of his seabreeze before starting in on an article about zoning and variances.

"Hey, Lorne." Gunn lazily saluted Lorne as he strolled in through the front doors. He tossed his weapon and jacket onto the sofa before walking through to the kitchen. "Any dinner left?" he called back once he had passed through the door.

"Managed to rescue some pasta from Freddles for you, it's in the fridge," Lorne called back, decided to skip past zoning and check up on movie reviews. It was a dull night, and even though there were plenty of demons out there waiting to be slain, he was very aware of the fact that Angel Investigations needed to get a little more organized before they could start doing any real good.
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